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DDP Satin/Shimmer Polishes


Image of DDP Satin/Shimmer Polishes
  • Image of DDP Satin/Shimmer Polishes
  • Image of DDP Satin/Shimmer Polishes
  • Image of DDP Satin/Shimmer Polishes
  • Image of DDP Satin/Shimmer Polishes

Need a little shimmer in your life? Look no further than these beauties:
"What Overcast?!": soft gray with golden flakies and micro-shimmer pigments.
"Rainy Days & Mondays": gray matte with white flakies and micro-shimmer pigments.
"Fiddy Shades Of Gray": a medium gray, full of micro-shimmer pigments.
"Fiddy Shades Darker": deep, dark gray, full of micro-shimmer pigments.

Tesla's Twilight: a deep purple polish with multi-color micro shimmer that mimics the Colorado night sky. Product named by @jessicacfowler & @lacquerkama on IG

"Rose In A Concrete World" (Rose Quartz- Pantone '16)
"Peaceful Journey"(Serenity-blue- Pantone'16)

Granny Smiff: Silly name, but it's honestly a beautiful, apple green shimmer polish, with blue/green micro shimmer.

Gathers No Moss: a beautiful mossy-green shimmer with gold flakies, micro shimmer and a purple duo-tone.

Copper-Nicus: A gorgeous copper shimmer polish that also shifty from gold/red/orange/green. Limited Edition. Once it's depleted, so long!

Eggplanty: A deep purple sparkle polish that resembles the shade of an eggplant, only more sparkly! Limited Edition special creation.
-------- New Collection: Released October 3, 2016!!!
πŸƒπŸπŸ‚In the queue since 2015, finally being done!! πŸ‚πŸπŸƒ
"All The Leaves Are Brown"Collex, is a set of 7 earthy colors. Inspired by a song originally done by " The Mamas And The Papas" and later covered by "Beach Boys".

Can't afford the whole collection or you only have your eye on one or two?! Grab one of these earthy beauties today!
Please note: (M) Metallic, (DC) Duochrome, (C) Creme ------------------------------------------------

A Backstory about Fiddy Shades Darker:
"Fiddy Shades Darker" was originally created in 2012. It was a custom polish that I made at work, but I needed a name for it! I saw a few women, walking past my room (in the salon), who were all reading "that book" & I suddenly had my name! I had to put a spin on the name, just in case the standard title already existed somewhere. Fast forward to 2014 and the first movie is made. That year, DDP was on the scene, so now I'm mass-producing it. I decided to release a "Fiddy Shades Duo", with one gray a bit lighter than "Fiddy Shades Darker", since it was almost black.