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Spring 2017 (Singles/Sets)


Image of Spring 2017 (Singles/Sets)
  • Image of Spring 2017 (Singles/Sets)
  • Image of Spring 2017 (Singles/Sets)
  • Image of Spring 2017 (Singles/Sets)
  • Image of Spring 2017 (Singles/Sets)

Here are a few beauties that I was itching to release this Spring!

"You're Lucky, I'm Charming!"- a glitter packed, skim milk crelly, that is my take on "cereal & milk". It can be worn alone, in layers or over a white base.

"Icing On The Cake"- a very fun, soft pink crelly packed with playful dot glitter. It's perfect and ready to go in 2 coats. It reminded me of cupcakes with icing and sprinkles. Yes, cupcakes were on the brain! 😉 It was also partially inspired by a mani on YouTube.

"Sun In My Eyes" - A 100W bright yellow crème. This color has been on the back burner since 2016, but I decided to let it see the light of day. This bright yellow is a necessity for your collection of brights!

"Sublime-arita"- A bright lime-citron crème with a scant amount of shimmer. It was originally created a few months ago, as a custom for a client, but I was itching to release it this Spring. Wear this color, along with "Spring Fling" , for a perfectly bright green mani!

"Kohl Blooded" (LE)- Not quite a Spring color and more like a beautiful flub created while I was making my new Spring Collex. It was too cute to trash, so I gave it a name and bottled it. Grab this color while you can, it's in very short supply, as it was just a gorgeous boo-boo. It's a one-coater, deep charcoal gray with beautiful sparkle.

"Baby Shower"- Got a "Gender Reveal Party" or "Baby Shower" coming up? Know someone who does? Grab this unique crelly full of pink, blue and lavender glitters!!

"Precious Peony"- This beautiful white crelly is packed full of iridescence! A joint creation with @tufchik901.

"Mystery Mix (Retro)"- Totally inspired by a candy from my childhood!

"Join The Club"- A playful black and white crelly ,that I was randomly inspired to make in 2016, that finally came to be!

Spring 2017!!
Special Debut: The Indie Shop on March 11, 2017!!!
Debut: 3.20.17
These 5 beautiful shades were inspired by a dear friend and a client's love of Lilies and other exotic flowers. Each set comes inside of a nicely decorated box! It's a bouquet of polish beauty!
Stargazer Lily - a soft, petal pink crème with a hint of shimmer.
Morning Glory- a rich purple crème
Tropical Canna Lily - a peachy crelly with gorgeous flakies throughout.
Blue Tiger Lily - a gorgeous blue crème with something special up its sleeve.
Delirious Dahlia - a very unique, royal purple shimmer, with one-coat coverage. It was inspired by Prince & Jaia's love of dahlias.
**The "Bonus Upgrade" has two extra shades!!