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Top Coats, Etc.


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  • Image of Top Coats, Etc.
  • Image of Top Coats, Etc.

Here are all of DDP's top coats and other awesome items!

Creamy Base Coat: A sheer pink base coat that fills ridges and allows for smooth polish application.

Diamante Glam Gloss: a high gloss top coat that shines for up to 2 weeks. Non-streaking and non-shrinking.

Speedy Glam Gloss: a quick dry top coat that dries in about 3 minutes. Non-streaking and non-shrinking.

*Tree Hugger: The newest edition to DDP! A water-based top coat that's perfect for chrome powder art, foils AND the environment! Non-toxic/Vegan/7+ Free! {Protect From Freezing}

--LE-- Mystic Sparkle Top Coats:
TRIOS: Sold OUT! (Thanks!)
Enigmatic: Shifts Green/Purple/Blue- SOLD OUT (SINGLES)
Introvert: Shifts: Purple/Blue/Red- SOLD OUT (SINGLES)
Vamp Life: Shifts Maroon/Plum/Blue/Orange/Gold- 1 SINGLE LEFT!!

Matte-Nificent: A super quick drying matte top coat.

Aurelia: A sparkly golden flakie topper.

Meteor Shower: A silver top coat with both linear and scattered holo.

Pyrite This Way: A golden glitter top coat that will remind you of Fool's Gold.

Ma-Holo: Matte + Holo = a very unique combination that you'll be hard-pressed to find.

Galactic Blast: The original holo top coat. Turn any color holo! #ItWontGrayOutYourPolish. Available in standard and "Super Globe" sizes.

Smoke: A translucent black top coat that's a great base for nail art.

*NEW* Galaxy Sparkle: a clear topper filled with holographic flakies! Gorgeous over darker shades. (2.22.17)

*NEW* I Flaked It: A gorgeous mix of multiple flakie types, all in a clear base. Gorgeous over black or any dark shade.(2.22.17)

Nail Art Wheel: A cutesy little wheel filled with assorted nail trinkets.